This week’s Punk Rock HR platform is all about a unified theme: looking for work.

Tomorrow’s podcast features Amanda Nachman, founder of College Magazine and author of #QUALIFIED: You Are More Impressive Than You Realize, who’s helping you tackle impostor syndrome and get the job you want.

This week’s newsletter answers, “What do I wear to a digital job interview?” You have to subscribe to hear the answer, but I think you’ll find it super helpful.

And we are dedicating every Friday on the blog to mentorship, which means you’ll get a valuable chunk o’ wisdom (like this one about your job search) that will help you learn and grow.

The first wave of COVID-19 was terrible, and the second wave will knock us back if we don’t come together and lead with compassion and courage. Let’s do the work now to prioritize our wellbeing. Let’s get comfortable with our careers being uncertain. And let’s start to hedge our bets and pool our time, resources, and energy so we can invest where it matters most: with ourselves, our families, and our community.