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twitter chatMy HR career is in failure mode.

It’s no surprise. The signs have been there for a while. I think it began in 2013 when I spoke at a conference with Kris Dunn and had a hotel room that overlooked a dumpster. It hasn’t picked up since.

Yes, I’ve travelled all over the world and had a ton of amazing experiences. I also just stood on three reams of paper in a co-working space and begged HR ladies to be a little more disruptive and innovative.

Good grief. What the hell has become of me?

The good news is that my little software play — which doesn’t have a website or a logo but has reached the point of MVP — will launch after Thanksgiving.

GlitchPath will help you predict and beat failure. Maybe. TBD. Fingers crossed.

And nothing says failure more than a Twitter chat, which is what I’m launching on October 17th at 1PM ET. Each week, we’ll tackle failure from a new perspective. Careers. Politics. Dating. Why Starbucks can’t have two lines — one for plain old coffee and one for speciality beverages.

I’ll post the topics & questions for the failure chats on Friday. We’ll chat on Monday.

Will this chat series fail? My software says it’s likely that people will lose interest in time, and it recommends that I do a podcast. But podcasts are a lot of work! I don’t have time for that shit.

I’ll be back, tomorrow, with the questions for Monday’s inaugural twitter chat. Hope you can join us.


  1. Actually, I think it’s GREAT that you stood on three reams of paper to give a speech! You want to be remembered by your audience and that is one good visual aid that may help them remember you and what you said.

    β€œThough she be but little, she is fierce!”

    ― William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night’s Dream

  2. Love the pic, Laurie. It screams “Citizens Unite!!”

    Re: Starbucks…I’d settle for having one of those “Coffee Only” carafes in an express lane…

  3. You are always my hero Laurie… but I suspect the Twitter Chat will not be Singapore time friendly? πŸ™‚

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