Some of my friends have been asking for Scrubby updates. If you don’t know anything about my boo, Scrubby is my famous pee cat. He’s not a horrible monster, but rather, an OCD ginger cat who likes to pee on cat bedding (or other stupid shit around my house).

I should own stock in Target’s pet bedding supplier.

Scrubby has been on Lexapro for the past 45 days. I think it’s going well. By well, I mean that his pee incidents are almost gone.

You know what else makes him not pee — besides Lexapro? Isolation in our basement. If we keep him down there, away from the other cats, he is miserable but doesn’t feel compelled to mark his territory.

But we can’t do that.

We don’t run a shelter for asshole cats. Scrubby can’t live alone in our (nicely accommodated and climate controlled) basement. Despite the fact that he pees on Jake’s favorite blanket, he likes Jake. Why should I keep them apart if they don’t fight?

"That's cool. I don't need you to unfold the blanket." #jake #cats #catsofinstagram

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And Scrubby is a fun cat. He does all sorts of tricks that I should get on YouTube so he finally earns his keep around here.

Unconditional love is never easy, and it’s probably not worth it, but I am a woman who loves hard and doesn’t let go. It’s the kind of love that he never requested and might not choose for himself, but if you asked him to choose between my house and a barn with no heat, I like to think Scrubby would choose me.


That fucker.

I love him so much.


  1. I came by to see who all had nominated me for your SuperstarHR list but I guess people are being shy about it.

    I do have a question – why, in terms of science, do cats do that? Every cat I’ve ever owned has started out a cute harmless kitten and is peeing on everything ALL THE TIME by the time they’re 7 or 8 years old. Male and female. And it’s not leaking, it’s deliberate. This behavior is really the root of my cat ambivalence. Well that and the songbird eating.

    • Cats don’t kill birds if you keep your cats at home and indoors.

      Not all cats Pee, and scrubby is my first cat to ever exhibit this behavior. I guess I’ve been lucky. Cats who aren’t spayed/neutered will pee nearly 100% of the time. Indoor/outdoor cats have a higher rate of marking their territory with urine. And the more cats you have inside, the higher the likelihood that one of them will urinate. Also, some cats are assholes. Scrubby is clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed, probably the byproduct of a brother and a sister, and we rescued him as a kitten from a home with dozens and dozens of cats. It was gross, and he’s stupid.

  2. I hate when people tell me to just get rid of my pee cat. I can always replace a couch, if I have to. Can’t replace my snuggly lovey cat. Although I am considering taking him to the behaviorist to see if we can get this peeing under control…

    • Our behaviorist told us that scrubby may not be the only one peeing. Even though we had only ever seen him urinate, she was right. We caught Jake on a WebCam, took him to the vet, and he had a urinary tract infection. So keep that in mind, Des!

  3. The only time that my cat has ever peed in the house was when we disrupted his schedule when my wife went back to work after being home for many months. He stood in one of her empty shoe boxes, stared at her with This Look, and let it go. We both watched this in horror and were happy that was an absorbent and empty box. We made sure to pick him up and hold him like the baby that he is when each of us got home from work at night, and played with him until he was tired out. It only happened that one time, but we learned our lesson – don’t ignore the baby!

    And I’m with you, Laurie – if my dude had a pee problem like Scrubby, we’d just buy a lot of new bedding versus sticking him in the basement. Those suckers have us right where they want us!

  4. Scrubby is awesome, and so are you for rescuing him and giving him lots of love, food, and places to pee.

    It’s always heartening to see people who truly love and care for the animals in their lives.

    (If only we could bottle that and spray it on some of the idiots who should never be allowed to pet an animal, let alone own one….)

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