What is your company doing for Veterans Day?

Whatever it is, put those plans on hold.

The best thing you can do is hire a veteran. The second best thing you can do is stop assuming that all veterans suffer from PTSD. The third thing you can do is stop trying to gain favor with veterans because you have a cousin who served in Afghanistan or Bosnia or wherever.

I know you and your company are well intentioned, but you either treat veterans well every day or you don’t.

There’s no middle ground on this issue.


  1. Shouldn’t it be either you treat all employees well (including Veterans) or you don’t?

    What’s the middle ground for non-Veteran employees?

  2. Spot on Laurie! And for those companies that state they love to hire vets – look at your knock outs! I have spoken with several Vets who cannot get past the ATS knock out of a college degree requirement. If you are Vet friendly it is time to consider that those who have led a life of military service after high school have fantastic skills (leadership, task execution, reliability) and transferable skills. It is also advisable to teach your recruiters how to translate MOS codes/descriptions (hint: if you don’t know what that is you are in a teachable moment!). Thank you to our veterans and active military!

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