While I was out on vacation, I received word that my blog was recognized as one of The Best Work Life Balance Blogs of 2014.

Of course. How perfect.

It’s just link bait, but I was moved by what the article says about this site.

“Ironically enough, Laurie’s blog may be the only work-life balance blog that has posts about both work and life. Laurie writes about movies and books as well as other subjects such as conferences, personal branding strategies, and HR dilemmas. She’s not only a critical thinker, but also an excellent observer of people’s emotions and motivations, which makes her the perfect window into the world of HR practices and corporate life.”

I try so hard to “get” my readers. I’m glad one person gets me, too. That is nice recognition. I appreciate it.

Being a work-life blogger is tough because I don’t believe in work-life balance. I believe in a busy, multi-faceted life. I want to have exhaustive and relentless adventures. I am wrapped up in a crazy, comprehensive love for the people around me. I think your head should hit the pillow, and you should fall asleep immediately.

If you are up late — caught in an infinite loop of anxiety — you are doing it wrong.

There is never enough time or money to accomplish what you want in life. Your boss will never be supportive. The government can’t give you everything you need. But even if you had all of the time and money in the world, you would probably still fail. Books. Movies. Kids. Families. Stargazing. Vacations. Picking up toys from the floor. Brushing your hair. Making sure your parents are safe, and ensuring that future generations don’t inherit a dumpy planet. There’s just too much to do in this world to accomplish it in a lifetime.

I write about work and life because I want you to use whatever opportunities you’ve been given and fight for a better world. Exhaust your days and leave this planet knowing you didn’t waste a single moment — but also know that kicking around on Facebook, sitting on the toilet and staring at the wall for 10 minutes, or reading celebrity gossip magazines are worthwhile endeavors if they make you happy and sane.

So thanks to BuyerZone for recognizing my blog. And thanks for reaffirming that I am, indeed, a work-life blogger. It’s a new niche for me. I’m excited!


  1. I keep coming back to you, Laurie, because of posts like yesterday’s that are tough to hear but important to hear (for me anyway) and your refreshing take on work-life balance. After spending much of my 20s trying to figure out how to craft the balance I want, I’ve decided your attitude is the right one for me. Fuck it – do the best you can every day as an employee, spouse, parent, etc and human resident of this planet and that’s it.

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