we got him

I’m writing this note to inform you that the Workplace Harassment Summit was canceled because we got him. That one guy who was making your job a nightmare? It’s over for him thanks to the #MeToo movement, so there’s no need for me to do a talk in New York City on January 29th.

we got him

Okay, wait, that’s not true, mostly because that guy at your office still has a job. The Workplace Harassment Summit was canceled due to slow ticket sales. It sucks because the speakers were talented individuals focused on what’s next in human resources and social justice.

Look at who was speaking:

Chai Feldblum is the current Commissioner of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Have you seen her at other HR events? You should. Ask event planners to book her.

Helene Wasserman is an expert on employment litigation and investigations, and she knows the ins and outs of non-disclosure agreements that are hurting women and PoC.

Carmen Hudson is a champion for the workforce, the best recruiter in America, and helps the most innovative companies find talented people. You might think you’re hiring the best and the brightest, avoiding chumps and troublemakers. Your VP of Talent should talk to Carmen.

Frank Dobbin is a professor at Harvard who is developing an evidence-based approach to diversity management and studies the effects of corporate hiring, promotion, diversity and work-life policies on actual outcomes. When people offer management and leadership advice, nobody asks for evidence. Start by reading Professor Dobbin’s work.

Emily Martin is the General Counsel and VP for Workplace Justice at the National Women’s Law Center. She works to ensure fair treatment and equal opportunity for women at work, with a particular focus on the obstacles that confront women in low-wage jobs and women of color. You’re not considered the best place to work if you’re not addressing the needs of everyone in your workplace, including women of color.

Finally, then there was Gretchen Carlson and me. Gretchen, formerly of FOX News and now lobbying politicians in Washington. Me, appearing in mainstream print and radio, holding my own as the country’s foremost expert of workforce masturbation.

What a line-up!

I’m super-bummed that this event isn’t moving forward, but I’m also pleased that you’ll have another chance to think about solutions to workforce harassment. There’s another conference called WorkHuman. Tons of useful content, for sure, with a dedicated #MeToo panel hosted by Adam Grant with Tarana Burke and Ashley Judd. I have a discount code for you: WH18INF-LHA.

The #MeToo movement is morphing into a #TimesUp movement, but no hashtag will solve systemic sexism and racism at work. It’s up to you, which is why I hope to see you at WorkHuman in Austin!

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