There’s so much happening in the world right now. And it is easy to lose faith in humanity, in God, or in your religious beliefs. I once had someone suggest to me that my lack of faith is a form of unreconciled grief. 

So, when I found Reverend Wendy Hamilton on social media, her perspective on grief and trauma resonated with me. She is a D.C. area activist, minister, and mother who’s holding workshops on grief and trauma in the age of civil unrest.

When 2020 began, we were filled with such optimism. Fast forward a few months, and the foundations we were building for the new year came tumbling down. 

According to Wendy, we’re all in a stage of grief right now. We’re paralyzed. And paralysis causes all forms of toxic behaviors, some of which we’re seeing play out on a national stage. 

Not all leaders are trained in the human condition. And, that’s okay. 

There are still opportunities at this moment – for all. They include a chance for self-reflection, understanding that the emotions you (or those around you) may be feeling are deeply rooted in grief. And other opportunities include learning to listen, boldly take action, and make changes for the better. 

Let’s begin to think about the world in which we live and work, differently. My challenge for you this week is to determine how you can help drive change and begin to make it happen. 

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