You broke your resolutions, already?

God, you are such a loser.

Just kidding. You are like most people, and that’s okay. There’s a lot of science behind why resolutions don’t stick — from inflated expectations to the rigid ways in which we define success and failure.

I think what’s important to remember, on the second day of a very long year, that is that today isn’t tomorrow. Just because you fail at one small thing on January 2nd doesn’t mean that you are an absolute failure at life.

You can forget to eat breakfast — or skip a day at the gym — and still achieve your life’s goals tomorrow.

And maybe you can achieve some of those life goals today while you’re not hyper-fixated on the random goals you made for yourself at the end of the year.

So go easy on yourself if you failed to keep a resolution. Time goes in one direction, and being mad about breaking a resolution is a waste of your limited time on this planet.

Happy New Year!

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