Corporate Drinker Alcohol Workplace

Hey, everybody. You may recall I had initially planned to produce an 8-episode arc of my new podcast, “Corporate Drinker,” as part of a research project for an upcoming book. Well, life had different plans for me. As I started to have these captivating conversations, I was swept away by the shared stories. And I was reminded of the Yiddish proverb, “Man plans, God laughs.”

So, I’ve had to revise my initial strategy for the podcast. Now, I am looking at it less in terms of themes and more in terms of stories. Some chats will stand alone, others might be grouped based on similar perspectives, and I might even throw in some personal narrative. The format is still a work in progress, but that’s what makes this journey so exciting.

The topics we discuss are equally complex and multifaceted. We’re delving into the business side of alcohol, its potential as a unifying force within the workplace, and its ability to undermine the culture and work against the principles of inclusion and belonging. It’s a paradoxical, nuanced, and at times, chaotic exploration. But this discussion feels even more appropriate in our post-pandemic world, where workers and companies navigate the tricky waters of culture-building and unbiased performance standards.

I’ve learned to slow down and test the waters before launching something new. The podcast is my little MVP to see if people even care about work drinkin’. And I’m a sloppy, shaken, stirred cocktail of emotions: thrilled, nervous, and slightly exhausted from the whirlwind of preparation. Do I need a drink? Perhaps. Or not. It’s complicated, and I know you get that!

The inaugural episode of “Corporate Drinker” is launching on July 16. It’s a Punk Rock HR production, which means if you’re already a listener, you won’t need to go hunting for it – it’ll pop up in the same feed. For new people, you can subscribe here or on your favorite streaming platform. And to keep up with all the latest news and updates, you can sign up for my newsletter.

Here’s to new beginnings and unforgettable stories. Cheers!