Every workplace and everyone has a story of work and why it’s meaningful. 

Recently Elena Valentine, Co-Founder, CEO, and Servant Leader of Skill Scout, joined me on my podcast to talk about workplace storytelling. And I have to tell you, Elena is a magnificent storyteller. 

Elena and her team create video stories to make empowering connections in the workplace. Can workplace storytelling empower employees and non-leaders? I am so glad you asked. 

First of all, we all know there are some pretty amazing human resources leaders out there sharing stories about their organization, every single day. 

But, as Elena puts it, the question we have not been addressing is, “What are we doing to empower the employees we work with to tell the stories themselves?”

Up until this point, there weren’t tools or trends which led us to see there could be multiple people who could tell this story and, in some ways and quite frankly, take the weight off of the human resource leader. 

Elena stated her team’s work has allowed them to empower employees to be the Chief Human Storytellers of their business. Here is more from Elena, “A company is not just made up of one story. It’s not just one story about one human resources leader or those select employees. It’s actually all of them. And so, what we need to do to drive this idea forward is get into the meaning of their work and empower them to share why they do what they do.”

If you’re interested in a far-ranging discussion about workplace identity tune into this episode of Let’s Fix Work. Head over here to listen. Elena and I talk about the many different work environments and how every job has a purpose and a story behind it.