Mental Health Awareness Day is coming up on October 5th. Honestly, it should be every day. We need to be having consistent conversations on this topic and on the effect work can have on our mental health. 

Lindsay Crittendon is someone who is bringing this issue to the forefront. She is the head of Headspace for Work, a company that works with businesses across the spectrum to help them identify the best ways to improve the workplace. They are dedicated to making the world and the world of work a little bit better.

In our conversation, Lindsay and I talked about the benefits of mindfulness and more thoughtful behavior on the work environment and on our individual lives when we’re not working. I asked her how we can incorporate mindfulness into our workdays, even if it’s not recognized as a priority by our employers. 

She said, “Honestly, I really started to understand a mindfulness experience and increasing my own performance through mindfulness by acknowledging that I have a relationship with my mental health and with my brain… to reframe a little bit and say, I take ownership over where my head is and I have the ability to really build a day-to-day relationship with my mind, it has been a really powerful reframing.”

Lindsay also suggests the mini-meditations, workouts, and other content inside the Headspace for Work app. Taking a little bit of time each day to be mindful really counts, so take three minutes over your lunch break to try it out. 

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