Have you ever let money drive your decision when choosing to take (or not take) a job offer? Well, my friends, “My name is Laurie, and I took a crappy job because the money was great. And, I regretted it.” The job sucked the life out of me and it sucked my energy. It was downright horrible. 

Years later I learned that if I had just fixed my relationship with money, I could have had a different relationship with work. And guess what? So can you. 

If you are currently in a job that you hate and want to make a change – know it is possible. But the change starts with you. So what is the first step?

Step 1: Understand that you are the only person who can fix work for you. 

Step 2: Fix your relationship with money.  If you are finding that you are taking jobs based solely on the income you are earning, fix your relationship with money. By fixing how your relationship is with money, uncovering your own money story, and working on that relationship, the relationship with your career will change drastically.

Step 3: Create a plan to get the hell out of there. If you start a job and it turns sour on you, I know the easy answer is to quit, but it’s not the only answer.  Make a plan to move on to another opportunity, but first invest in yourself, invest in your wellbeing, and invest in your learning. Use your current job as a platform and when you have everything together, make the jump. 

Build a life that you love, a life that you enjoy, a life that has meaning or doesn’t, but it’s a life on your terms and your terms alone.

If you’re looking around and you’re waiting for someone to be the person to make a change, look in the mirror because that person is you. If you are in need of further motivation to make a change, then check out this eye-opening episode of Let’s Fix Work.