I am pretty excited to host a webinar called, “HR Wins: Real Stories of Successful Talent Management Journeys.”

Honestly, I am tremendously lucky to work with my dear friend, Connie Costigan, who is the Marketing Director at Halogen Software. Connie introduced me to Shelley Johnson, Tia Smith, and Andrea Resnik. These are three amazing women who talked to me about the cool things they are doing with talent management.

(I am going to tell you about what they are doing on the webinar.)

All of you know that I am a tough critic of human resources; however, it is nice to meet innovative HR professionals who look just like you and me. I am here to tell you that really great HR happens all over the country. Human resources professionals have more wins than losses in their column, these days.

So whenever someone tells you that it’s time to eliminate HR, you now have the names of at least three people who are doing it right. I hope you can make the webinar, but more importantly, I hope you know that you are making a difference at work.

You make HR better.

HR wins because of you.


  1. Do you have to be a Halogen Software member to sit in on the webinar? I was hoping to sit in. Thank you!

    • Yes, Katrina. Anyone can register and it’s free. The event will be recorded and sent out via email — so if you’re curious but can’t attend live, feel free to sign up and get a copy. Thanks!

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