HRCI Recertification

Is HRCI recertification worth it?

I’m no longer a human resources consultant or leader. The last time anybody asked for my HR advice, Obama was in office. Everybody agreed that it was wrong to be rude, racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, ableist and ageist in the workforce.

We’re definitely in the upside down.

It’s my goal to stay current in HR even though I no longer practice my trade. But my SPHR certification is about to expire, and I’m not sure if I should recertify. What would you do?

• I have enough credits.
• I speak at HR conferences.
• My life is HR-adjacent.
• But I’m not an HR lady, anymore.

Would you recertify? Does the HRCI certification mean anything to event planners, conference organizers or even journalists who want me to prove my HR bona fides? Is there a reason to recertify?


I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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  1. Hi L,
    Re-certify…you did all the requirements…spend a couple bucks and your good for the next 3 yrs….I had the decision on both SPHR and SHRM-SPC this yr, plus I have a GPHR..I wasn’t sure what to do…so i paid the money and kicked the can down the road for 3 yrs….the two certifying bodies are relevant to the HR community and will be for a while as it all sorts out…whats the downside other then a few bucks out of pocket…and who knows what you will be doing in a couple yrs….

  2. I’m fascinated to see what advice you receive. I am in a very similar situation. It seems foolish to simply let it expire, yet the value of keeping it feels lower than the cost.

  3. I feel that re-certifying shows your commitment to the profession – you feel it’s important to stay on top of the industry and you see value in others doing the same. While you may no longer be a daily practitioner, you’re still contributing every day. I’m curious – if you choose not to re-certify, will you maintain memberships?

  4. I’m very turned off by HR after I was a manager. Then fired for sticking up for what is morally right. I’m torn too. I have a year exactly to decide. I have no advice. Sincerely, jaded Gina.

  5. I wouldn’t. Professional certification is not knowledge or experience but 1). a barrier to entry, 2). hopefully, a code of ethics. If you’ve got the knowledge, experience and the ethics, and don’t intend to be an employee again, why do it?

  6. I just recertified. I plan to keep my certification, even if I go into Ops at some point. I worked and studied hard for those letters! Plus – I am seeing a shift in job postings where certification is required over education, so you never know.

  7. It’s probably not absolutely NECESSARY but it can’t hurt. You have enough credits already so no further investment is required…and if having your certification plays a part in booking one more gig, the $150 fee pays for itself! #Math

  8. I’d re-certify, no questions. I’d also get the Public Speaking Super Powers book by Carma Spence. It would build your confidence in your stance and decisions. Like this one. Confidence is everything (even of your faking it in the beginning!).

  9. Lori, You are an established professional, you really don’t need it to prove you are HR worthy. I remember you when you were in HR full time, and I think you’re great! I think it’s up to you if you want the extra letters after your name, not that you need them.

  10. I’m in a slightly similar boat. I have my SPHR…but oops, decided I don’t love HR and now I’m a financial advisor. Guess who doesn’t care about SPHR? People who come to you about their finances LOL. Anyway, I’ll probably keep it because like someone said above, worked hard for it and who knows what may happen in the future. If you’ve already earned the credits again, I’d say just keep it, too.

  11. If you have the credits, then get certified. After all, there was a candidate for re-election this past Tuesday who has kept her nursing credentials current. You just never know!

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