I am so excited to share this episode of Let’s Fix Work with you! My guest this week is Kevin Kruse, founder and CEO of LeadX. Kevin is also a New York Times bestselling author of nine books. He has a brand new book hitting the shelves titled Great Leaders Have No Rules: Contrarian Leadership Principles to Transform Your Team and Business. I have been following Kevin’s career for around ten years, and it is wonderful to finally have him as a guest on the show.

Besides talking about a “no rules” work zone, we discussed the role of “love” in leadership. That’s right, love. We explored the idea that you don’t actually need to like someone who works for you or with you, but you do need to love that person. It’s smart and interesting conversations like this one that keeps me excited about doing this podcast! So if you enjoy learning about the interconnectivity between love and work, leadership principles, or “no rules” work zones, join me for this conversation with Kevin Kruse.

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How rules can get in the way of relationships
  2. Success and understanding that can develop when leaders connect with employees, explain the company culture, and the “why” behind certain actions
  3. Leadership is a superpower – not a choice
  4. The importance of the “close the open door” principle and the power of creating a sense of psychological safety in others
  5. The “crowd the calendar” idea and the importance of scheduling open-office times and your work
  6. How to personalize your leadership approach
  7. The reasoning behind not over-investing in one person but rather leveraging the talents of top performers
  8. Kevin’s perspective on why leaders must lead with love by putting the needs of others ahead of their own
  9. That whatever rules you have, it’s important to have a conversation about them…then the rule will be strengthened because of the relationship that develops

Resources from this episode:

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Great Leaders Have No Rules: Contrarian Leadership Principles to Transform Your Team and Business: amzn.to/2U59biV

John Wooden Quotes www.success.com/27-quotes-by-john-wooden-to-motivate-you-to-be-better/

Kevin’s website: www.kevinkruse.com

Kevin on Twitter: twitter.com/kruse

Kevin on LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/kevinkruse67


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