I ran an 8K on Saturday in Durham that was okay until the end. The organizers ran out of water for finishers, which is not a big deal if you’re a tough Durham runner. It was 74 degrees with 90% humidity.

I’m a wuss.

But the race was good because I had time to think about my upcoming fall running schedule. To recap: My plan was to run the Cayman Islands Marathon in early December. I would train during the fall months, travel to London and Havana for time off in the month of November, and wrap up a great month by running a marathon on December 6th.

But running a marathon on December 6th would require me to train on the road. That sounds like a first world problem, but Havana isn’t quite the first world. Not sure what freedom I’ll have to run because I’m going there with travel restrictions and a large group of fellow HR nerds. I would have to break from the tour group and run 21 miles, and then 13 miles, and then come home for a week and then travel to my marathon in Grand Cayman.

And there’s this new wrinkle: the Havana Marathon is November 15th. I could peace out of my tour group on the 15th (basically upon arrival) and go run that marathon. I could catch up with everybody later in the day.

But another option is just to run the City of Oaks Marathon in Raleigh on November 1st and be done with running for the month of November. I’ll probably do that. Make things easier on myself.


Why struggle? Why run alone? Why fight so hard to run in a foreign place when I can run in my backyard? Running a marathon is hard enough!

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  1. As always, I’m just impressed you’ve got three that you can do without totally freaking out.

    Sorry to hear they ran out of water. On the one hand…seriously?! But on the other hand, those races must be a tough logistical tangle to figure out.

    Happy running!

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