I’ve got a book coming out in January and there’s a chapter in there all about money. There are some key themes in it that I’ve learned from friends. These include tips like budget, pay yourself first, and, more importantly, that debt is the single biggest thing that can hold you back, both personally and professionally.

Obviously, money is messy. That’s why I wanted to touch base with an expert who can help us sort through the basic things that we need to do to live simply and with a little bit of joy while managing our wealth. 

Jonathan DeYoe is a bestselling author, speaker, and the founder and CEO of Mindful Money. However, he’s really a financial literacy fanatic. Jonathan is both a money manager and Buddhist scholar and his book has really made an impact on me. 

In our conversation, I asked Jonathan what those of us who are struggling to do the best we can with whatever money we have can do. He said, “you’ve got to spend less than you make… that’s it. If you can do that one thing, then what you do with the excess becomes basically a decision tree… It is really that simple.”

Maybe you have a great relationship with your cash. Or maybe you’re like me and spend more than you earn. Whatever the case, Jonathan has amazing insights around finances to share with you. 

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