When I was very young, I embodied what it means to be punk rock, including having a shaved head and piercings. 

One day, this jerk I worked with asked, “Who do you think you are, a Punk Rock HR?” 

And my answer was,” Yeah, man. I do.”  

Punk Rock HR is a fantastic name, brand, and it is classically me.

It’s fun; it’s reverent and challenging. 

It’s also brash and bold.  

And, it also happens to be the new name of my podcast. That’s right, Let’s Fix Work is now Punk Rock HR

For this next iteration of my podcast, the goal is to bring you tough but fair conversations with people who think they’re fixing the world of work. Maybe they are, and perhaps they aren’t. 

I am going to challenge people on what they’re doing, in an entertaining and possibly edgier way. 

Yes, yes. I can already hear some of the groans in the back of the room. “Punk Rock HR? Boo!” While I hope that isn’t the case for many, I understand, and I’ll miss you. 

For those of you who choose to stay, I can’t wait to go on this journey with you. My guests are going to be people I love and people I hate. They will be people who bug me. They will also be people who can’t stand me and want to tell me off. Oh, what fun we will have! 

These are the conversations I want to bring to you on Punk Rock HR every week, along with individual episodes like my Mentorship Friday episodes. I hope you join me.