By Devon McGrath

This week our (home) office got two new coworkers. They’re easily distracted and prone to bickering. I often catch them sleeping on the job and when they’re awake, they think it’s fun to interrupt my video calls. I can’t hold it against them though. They’re young, siblings, and growing up is hard work! They don’t get to do much around here yet, but the whole office takes regular breaks for walks outside and a chance to meet some new people along the way. We can’t do much outside of our homes right now, but these two make life fun and interesting.

Now is not the time to do a lot of things. You can’t go to the movies, spend the weekend at an amusement park, let your kids play on the playground or have friends over for a drink. But you know what you can do? Adopt a puppy.


Honestly, when was there a better time to welcome a furry companion into your life? Amongst all the chaos during this pandemic, mama doggos are still having adorable little puppies that are eagerly waiting for a forever home and a family to love. Right now the world is pretty stressful, but having a little floofer to snuggle with you is a pretty great way to get through this pandemic. Sure, there will be some tough moments along the way. Potty training, chewed furniture, learning to share toys… But now is the best time to get through those tough moments with a puppy. If you’re working from home, you can be there to let them out frequently, you can be present to pull your shoes out of their mouths, and there to cuddle them then they need some lovin’. If your family is home, you can even take shifts, and share the puppy training load. 

Plus, there are some great up-sides. You can schedule a puppy break every-other-hour as a stress reliever. Or when you’re frustrated you can just pet your puppy and feel your worries wash away. Staying at home is important, but it can also leave us feeling isolated and sad. Having a little snuggle buddy has been a great way for our family to stay positive and keep the dopamine flowing. Additionally, 8/10 experts say puppy breath is the best aromatherapy for stress relief (not a real study, but I’m sure I’m right). And don’t get me started on the great physical exercise. Letting your puppy chase you and play is a great way to get some exercise and fresh air while putting an enormous grin on your face. 

If you or your family has been considering adding a new four-legged companion (canine, feline, reptile, or whatever), I encourage you to do so! Now is the time to love up a pet, give them a couple of extra snacks, and treat them like the beloved family members they are. You’ll be giving a sweet animal a home, and giving yourself someone to look forward to every day!

The world is pretty crazy right now, but it’s hard to be sad or worried when there’s a puppy in your lap. Or in our case, puppies. 🙂

Meet my new rambunctious coworkers, Fiona, and Cash.

Interested in adopting your own forever pet?

I encourage you to check out your local rescue and shelter pets in need. Fiona and Cash are rescues that we found on You can also check out this directory for more rescue organizations in your area. But also please remember, all pets are forever pets. Pets are a huge, amazing, fun, responsibility. Only adopt if you’re in it for the long haul.


Devon McGrath is an academic researcher turned podcast producer, content creator, and Director of Operations for Punk Rock HR. When she’s not working, you can find her roaming State Parks, hunting for a new great album to listen to, or sitting on the patio at a local brewery.