Are you feeling stuck in your professional or personal life? 

Have you made attempts to make a change but you are getting nowhere? 

Why is it so hard to make a change, anyway? 

According to Barry O’Reilly, author of Unlearn, “Most people just do things which are comfortable to them. When we get in these scenarios [of change], we go to what feels comfortable to feel certain and do what we know we can do.”

So, in order to embrace change, we also need to embrace being uncomfortable. Got it. 

Barry brings this point home by explaining “You’re going to have to do something that’s a little uncomfortable, that maybe you aren’t excellent at. You’re going to have to build competency. But, by going through this process this is where the opportunity to not only develop yourself but also find out what works and what doesn’t. And potentially, get the breakthroughs you need.”

Who is this Barry O’Reilly guy, anyway? Well, Barry is a business advisor, entrepreneur, and author of the books, Unlearn and Lean Enterprise. He is truly a super cool guy. He was a recent guest on Let’s Fix Work, my podcast where my friends and associates come on and provide the tools you need to take control of your career, put yourself first, and be your own HR.

Alright, back to change. Change isn’t easy. We all know that. But you can make change happen. Barry leaves this golden piece of advice when you are ready to step out and get a little bit uncomfortable, “Starting small is so important because it makes it safe to fail.”

If you’re interested in a conversation about how to achieve your goals and how to stop failing over and over, listen to my conversation with Barry O’Reilly.