Are you a leader? If so, then you are probably accustomed to not only living and operating under sets of rules but most likely imposing rules on others. After all, we have to have order in life and business, right? While that is true, there are many principles that can be applied to exactly how we lead. Leading with love can create a powerful change in how leaders interact with others on a daily basis.

In a recent episode of Let’s Fix Work, I spoke with Kevin Kruse, founder and CEO of LEADx. Kevin is also a New York Times bestselling author of nine books. He has a brand new book hitting the shelves titled Great Leaders Have No Rules: Contrarian Leadership Principles to Transform Your Team and Business. In talking with Kevin about a “no-rules” work zone, we also discussed the role of “love” in leadership. That’s right, love. I know that may sound odd to think about applying “love” in leadership, but as you’ll see, Kevin makes some great points to consider.

Love others…we explored the idea that you don’t actually need to like someone who works for you or with you, but you do need to love that person. When you love others, a caring attitude is what comes forth. That is how you can truly connect with employees. Because then you are able to have conversations with employees explaining why certain policies are in place within the company culture. When employees are aware of the “why” behind certain actions, they are much more open to following the policies and happily joining in the company culture. Then the “rules” are not even necessary because there is a social policy that people understand and are happy to take part in as a member of the group, whether it’s in your family life at home or at work. It’s the idea that our behavior impacts others, and that behavior can be a “social contagion” as Kevin says. We must have positive directions in those behaviors so that a positive attitude can spread.

Put the needs of others ahead of your own…Kevin went on to explain that this is another way to express love for others. He said that regarding loving your team members, “It really is just saying you’re putting their needs ahead of your own, but not too many people are doing it. And I don’t know how you get somebody to realize that. I mean other than they’re going to end up in a place where they can’t get any higher because they didn’t bring people with them, or they’re going to succeed and feel really lonely and empty. It’s just so much more fun when you’ve got love and friends and…you’ve got this journey with so many other people.” It’s essential to focus on the importance of treating others well so that you can enjoy the experience of life together.

Now is the time to lead with love by personalizing your approach to others, at home and at work. What a powerful idea. It’s smart and interesting conversations like this one that keeps me excited about doing this podcast! So if you enjoy learning about the interconnectivity between love and work, leadership principles, or “no rules” work zones, join me for this conversation with Kevin Kruse.