This week on Let’s Fix Work, I’m talking to Max Yoder, Co-Founder and CEO of Lessonly. Lessonly is an online service that provides bite-sized learning with a big impact on today’s trainers, managers, and subject-matter experts to help them create training content in minutes. Max is also the author of Do Better Work: Finding clarity, camaraderie, and progress in work and life.

In today’s episode, Max and I flex our Midwestern accents and talk about training in the workplace. We also talk about vulnerability, leadership, and nonviolent communication. Not bad for a kid from Goshen, Indiana, right? So if you like tech entrepreneurs who don’t pat themselves on the back for simply being CEOs, you’re going to love Max!

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. How Lessonly got started and how it addressed the need for training software in the workplace
  2. Max’s impression of Human Resources in the workplace today
  3. About Max’s book, Do Better Work, and what drove him to write it
  4. What is actually means to “do better work”
  5. Vulnerability: why Max doesn’t use the word and what he thinks it has to do with work. Plus, what to tell someone who has no space to be vulnerable in their job
  6. How Max got to a point in life where he actually gave a shit about work
  7. The Lessonly conference, some speakers that will be attending and what attendees can look forward to in 2019
  8. Max shares his thoughts on broken workplaces and what he thinks the first step is in fixing them

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Book: “Do Better Work: Finding clarity, camaraderie, and progress in work and life”

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Max Yoder: Next Tech Star


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