Let’s Fix Work Episode 66

My first guest of the summer is Danny Fahey, owner of Castle Fitness. He also happens to be my personal trainer. Danny isn’t just a strength coach and personal trainer, he’s an entrepreneur too. One of the reasons I love Danny is because he’s not afraid to tackle the myths of wellness and wellbeing.  And he is also not afraid to create unique training experiences for his clients. 

Through his company, he is providing virtual exercise via a Facebook portal. I’ve done it and it’s amazing.  He is trying to disrupt the experience we get at the gym by bringing you the best of personal training and strength coaching, but also allowing you to do it in your living room, your basement, your dining room, or wherever you hook up to your Facebook portal. In today’s episode, we talk about his creative use of an interesting and emerging piece of technology for health and wellness. 

I’m honored to be his friend, I’m honored to talk about his business, and I really hope you enjoy this episode with Danny Fahey. 

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  1. The concept of strength and why it’s so important
  2. Some common myths around fitness, strength, and wellbeing
  3. Is there a right way or optimal way for people to eat in this world or should eating be an individualized approach?
  4. The supplement market – what’s the real deal?
  5. The difference between Planet Fitness and Lifetime Fitness and whether or not this type of gym membership is effective
  6. Can people actually get strong without the help of a coach? Danny shares his thoughts 
  7. Home-based training (aka virtual exercise), the advent of technology and how it is reshaping the fitness industry 

Resources from this episode:

Castle Fitness website: www.castle.fit/

Castle Fit Live: www.facebook.com/CastleFitLive/

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