Have you ever let a gym membership lapse without ever stepping inside the building? Yep, I’ve been there.

Or maybe you actually do go to the gym only to workout on the treadmill or the elliptical machine and then aren’t really seeing any benefits for your efforts. Guilty as charged. 

Perhaps you’ve worked with a personal trainer to learn they know just as much about fitness as you do. Yikes!

Well with the advent of today’s latest technologies, the way we see, do, and experience exercise is changing. 

In a recent episode of Let’s Fix Work, I welcomed Danny Fahey, owner of Castle Fitness. He also happens to be my personal trainer. We talked about how he is trying to disrupt the experience we get at the gym by bringing folks like you and me the best of personal training and strength coaching, but also allowing us to do it in our living room, basement, or wherever we can hook up to the virtual exercise Facebook portal. 

It all started when a friend moved to Seattle and wanted to continue strength training with Danny. Danny learned about using a Facebook portal for live training and decided to give it a try. “About three minutes into the first session, AJ puts his kettlebell down and he goes, ‘Danny, this is great.’” And the rest was history.  Today, Danny and his team of strength coaches walk clients through training sessions live. 

We fix work by fixing ourselves, and focusing on our health is a good place to start. 

Now with virtual exercise programs like Danny’s, “You’ll get fit, you’ll get stronger, and you don’t have to leave your house.”

If you want to hear more about Danny’s creative use of an interesting and emerging piece of technology for health and wellness, then listen to this episode of Let’s Fix Work.

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  1. Great topic. I’m addicted to fitness and studying for the personal training test right now. I probably won’t ever use it with anyone but family and friends but I’m excited to hear this episode to see how people are doing this.

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