Why are we doing this to ourselves?

Is work a negative force in your life? Are you frustrated and angry? Do you wonder, “How can this continue even one more day?” I’ve been there. In this video, I tell the story of hitting rock bottom in my work life and how I started to take control and fix work for myself.


What is self-leadership?

In this video, I’m sharing my belief that you have the ability, the strength, and the integrity to look internally and solve more problems than you believe you can solve.


How do we fix work for ourselves?

Now that you know what you need to do to fix your work life, how do you accomplish that? Join me for part three of my self-leadership training. Get moving on fixing work for yourself and for your team.


  1. Awesome content Laurie! Spot on and incredibly valuable—-others need to see this. Kudos to you for sharing and trying to help others in areas that I know are common pains for many people. Wonderful and look forward to sharing with others to help spread the word.


    Greg David

  2. I am soooooo in Laurie!!!
    Consider this my smoke signal.
    And thank you for the privilege to hear your story in the process.

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