Stop Being an HR Traffic Cop

For years, I’ve been telling my readers that HR sits at the intersection of work, power, politics and money. You can be a traffic cop who is proud of how she directs the flow of cars and pedestrians, or you can be an urban planner who impacts the strategic direction of the traffic. Most HR…

every day is a do-over

Every Day is a Do-Over

My sister turned 32 on the day after the election. I was worried she wouldn’t get out of bed. It’s not that Trump was just elected the next president. It’s that America took a crap on everything that matters to her, from civil rights to women’s issues, and she was devastated. Plus she’s thinking about…

twitter chat benchmarks

Twitter Chat Benchmarks #failchat

Hey, everybody. I’ve been doing a Twitter chat for the past five weeks called #failchat to prepare the market for my GlitchPath launch. Each week, I posted a topic and talked to my audience about overcoming failure. We talked about politics, relationships, and even interpersonal communication. If I had to describe the chat in one…


How Will Trump Fail?

My international friends want to know what the hell is happening in my country. “Why did Hillary Clinton lose?” Well, she didn’t win the electoral college. That’s not what they’re asking. They want an analysis of what went wrong, but I’m not a big fan of post-mortems. We won’t learn anything from her campaign’s mistakes.…


Pre-Mortems on Election Day

I’m not obsessed with failure, but I am obsessed with project pre-mortems. The father of the modern pre-mortem is a guy named Gary Klein. He asked his clients to engage in something called prospective hindsight. Here’s how it works: Before you do anything, ask yourself — how will this fail? It’s an easy question, sure,…


The Politics of Life #failchat

For the past month, I’ve been hosting weekly chats on Twitter. They have nothing to do with HR. Each week, the audience tackles failure from a different angle. We’ve talked about “generalized failure disorder,” relationships and managing difficult people at work. The audience is expanding, and the person-to-person interaction is growing more fun and entertaining…