HR Tech World San Francisco

There’s another new HR technology conference on the scene. It’s called HR Tech World San Francisco. The company that organizes this event has a foothold in Europe. Now they’re coming to the states with a pretty stellar line-up of speakers and a desire to clean up the American HR technology conference market. You ask —…


HR: A Love Story

I just spent the day learning how to tell better stories with Dr. Nick Morgan of Public Words. It’s amazing that I’ve gone this far in my career as a speaker with very limited training. I don’t know anything about the mechanics of building a great speech, and don’t get me started on my ability…


An EpiPen Saved My Life

An EpiPen saved my life on Saturday night. Well, it saved me a trip to the emergency room. I have food allergies and ate something off my husband’s plate that caused an anaphylactic reaction. My lips began to tingle. My throat started to close. I struggled to breathe, and my body attempted to throw up…


Generational Differences and HR Leadership Styles

My friend, Steve Browne, hates it when people descend into the “tarpit of generational discussions.” He’s right. There are too many generalizations and stereotypes that weigh down our meaningful discussions. But I’ve been blogging since February 2004, and I have at least two generations of readers who have been with me for my entire journey.…


#FailChat Preview: Week 2

We had a great #failchat on Monday about “Generalized Failure Disorder,” which was a fake name for being human. I took a poll at the end of the chat, and this Monday’s topic will be “relationships.”  I constantly fail at maintaining and nurturing my personal and professional relationships, and I hope we can have an…


HR Tech Analysts #hrtechconf

I went to HR Tech, last week. It’s a conference where a bunch of HR technology companies showcase the latest and greatest iterations of their software. It’s also a place where people called “HR tech analysts” go behind the scenes in a “briefing room,” which is just a beige-on-taupe room that’s always too hot or…

active waiting

Active Waiting

Right now, I’m in a transition mode. I am moving from D-list HR blogger and speaker to the founder of a software company. And, if I’m honest with you, it’s uncomfortable. Everything is 100% harder than necessary. Unlike what you read on Breitbart, doors do not open because of affirmative action. Nobody is handing me…


Stop Calling People “Deplorables”

My politics are a little less than mainstream. I’m a pro-choice secular humanist, a vegetarian, and someone who believes in the right to protect myself and shoot a sexual predator in the face. I vote Democratic because I like roads and schools, but it’s not like I’m all that impressed with the streets near my…

strategic optimist

Are You a Strategic Optimist?

I’ve spent the past six months talking to HR and recruiting professionals about failure. Unfortunately, nobody cared about enterprise failure until I started talking about my life. My maternal grandmother was a strategic optimist. When she became accidentally pregnant at the age of 20, she married the guy and had four kids. When the guy…