Creating the Best Employee Experience

Get ready for employee experience. Employee experience is the number one topic that executives discuss when talking about their workforce. It’s not culture. It’s not passion. It’s not purpose or meaning. Why employee experience? At their best, leaders want to be the change and dramatically alter the way you feel about your job. At their…

HR Gives Back

HR Gives Back: Duathalon

My friend Mollie Lombardi is passionate about finding a cure for Parkinson’s Disease. Because I love her, I’m passionate about it, too. That’s how life works. You get involved in charitable causes because you care about someone. Mollie created a movement called HR Gives Back, and we’re doing a “steps challenge” before my very favorite…

two years

Takes Two Years to Do Anything Great

You need to stick it out at your job. There’s a myth out there that, in the future of work, you don’t need to work somewhere for an extended period. You can bounce around companies—and that’s okay—because it’s all about being agile, nimble and disruptive. I’m here to tell you that it’s a goddamn lie.…

job search

Labor Day Starts the Job Search Season

Today is Labor Day, the unofficial start of the job search season in America. Are you looking for work? Are you tired of your current role? Before you jump into the fray, some good news: there are six million job openings in America. The bad news: six million people are looking for work and the…


Summer Has Come and Passed

Hey, everybody. How’s your summer? Things are fine over here. I killed my company, got food poisoning with my husband, and had to cancel a trip to see Green Day at Wrigley Field because my brother is going to Rwanda. You know, just an ordinary summer around here. I’ve spent most of the summer at…


Sue Meisinger

Back in 2008, I felt like a rock star. I had a blog, and I was going to take on the world. The first destination for world domination? The annual SHRM conference. I sent an email to Sue Meisinger, the CEO of SHRM at the time, and was pretty direct. I wrote something like — Hey,…


Human Resources, Houston and Harvey

My sister lives in Houston, and many of you have asked if she’s fine. Short answer: Yes. She’s safe. It’s been a stressful few days for our family, but nothing compared to what she’s experiencing. And, since she has the capacity and a bigger heart than her older sister, some extra people and dogs are…


LFR Summer Book Review

At some point, I’ll get back to work and start writing. But not now. Instead, I wanted to pause for a moment and reflect on Huge Inc’s summer reading recommendations. It’s heady and interesting and full of books I’ll never read because I’m not feeling very clever. So, because I’m definitely not going to read…

Wake County Gov Pets | Mary Sanderson (154874)

Volunteering is a Lifeline

Years ago, my husband and I moved from Chicago to a tiny city in Michigan for his job. We said yes because we couldn’t say no. The Chicago site was shutting down, and the relocation offer was also a promotion. In fact, my husband’s HR guy was the one who convinced us that it was…