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HR Tech Pitchfest

I’m heading to the 2018 HR Technology Conference & Exhibition because I’m excited about the pitchfest. Generally speaking, pitchfests are a popular way for founders to present their new technology to captive audiences. You stand on stage for three minutes and tell people why your product will change the world. It’s such a fun experience…

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HR Tribe

Fix Work, Fix Your Money

Money management is no joke. In yesterday’s post, I took you through a rambling financial summary of my mid-twenties. Short version: I made plenty of money but couldn’t rub two nickels together. Now it’s 2018, I still don’t know how to save any money. I have two things going for me, though. The first is…

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HR Tribe

Influence HR

The HR community has always been five years behind the rest of the business world, and, when it comes to the concept of influence, things are no different. A few years ago, several members of my HR/tech/blogging family were criticized for allegedly taking money in exchange for posting tweets and content that weren’t marked as…

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