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Art is Currency

Years ago, I dated a boy whose mom had a part-time job working for an artist. She didn’t earn money. She received art. When I challenged this boy on his family’s wealth, he tried to tell me that his family wasn’t affluent. I rolled my eyes. When you earn art for a paycheck, you don’t…

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Life is Clickbait

Sometimes people complain that my blog has clickbait on it. “You roped me in under X and then told me about Y.” Smart bloggers who monetize their online presence know that they have to sell ideas, products and services through their websites. I could load my blog up with display ads or pop-up advertising. I…

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New OT Rules

Everybody is freaking out about (proposed) new overtime rules in America. Here are some of the insincere objections to the rules I’ve seen from pro-business websites. Workers Might Lose Money in the Long Run Yes, companies who previously paid people $23,000/year and called them managers — and worked them 50+ hours each week without overtime…

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