personal branding

6 Guidelines for Personal Branding

Across the internet, I see people talking about building a personal brand. While a personal brand can be a useful tool in building relationships, it can also go south pretty quickly if you are not doing it correctly. Do you have friends with new hobbies, new relationships, and new experiences who can’t stop using social…


The Hustle Economy

I am about to Hustle Up the Hancock. I am pretty psyched. Last year, I ran up those flippin’ stairs in 21 minutes. I would like to break 20 minutes in 2014. I’ve been thinking about the way we use the word “hustle” in this country. When I was a kid, it meant two things.…



Hi, everyone. Welcome to LFR HQ. This is just a quiet note to test out the platform. As many of you know, my existence falls into three categories: work, life and cats. Even when I write about feminist hermeneutics and phenomenology, I am really just writing about my cats. As I start to add stuff to…