I’m HR Positive

There’s a movement in my industry called “HR Positive.” You guys are sharp. I don’t need to draw you a map. It’s about saying positive things about HR and being helpful instead of critical. Being positive is a good way to live your life. Why be a jerk if you don’t have to be a…

kill me

HR is Trying to Kill Me

I’m headed off to India in less than a month for TechHR16. I’m super excited to attend. It’s wonderful to meet HR leaders and recruiters from around the world. And, based on my networking schedule alone, I will be jetlagged and hoarse when I’m done with the event. Kind of cool. Then I’m off to…

social media diet

My Social Media Diet Failed

My social media diet failed. More specifically, I failed at giving up social media and watching the news for thirty days. June was a heartbreaker of a month. Avoiding the press coverage of Orlando was tough. The Supreme Court made historic rulings that were important to me. Also, Istanbul. So much. Too much. Ugh. When it was…

career coaching

Career Coaching

When someone is depressed and asks me for career coaching, I send ’em to colleagues who are patient and know how to give guidance with the right touch. That’s not me. Here are the attributes of impressive career advisors in my network: 1. They are certified. Anybody can be a career coach. Some of the…


The New Experts Are Humble and Modest

The thing about being an HR blogger is that I meet a lot of people who think they’re really good at what they do for a living. Even without saying it, they walk into a room and believe that they’re rock stars or geniuses. Some of these men and women are awesome. They make me…

shoe dryer

Marathon Monday: You Need a Shoe Dryer

I know I’m running because I’m spending money. My newest purchase? This PEET dryer for my shoes. Oh my god, my friend Sara told me about it and she’s right: it’s a game changer. My shoes smell better and less moldy already. (Yes, moldy. It’s hot down here in the summer.) I also single-white-femaled Sara…

woman descending staircase

Woman Descending the Staircase

My favorite painting in the entire world is Woman Descending the Staircase by Gerhard Richter. The woman in this painting DGAF about anything. Her shiny dress is like armor. Her face is a mask. She’s older, she’s ghostlike, and her posture tells you that she is absolutely confident about everything in life. I love it.…

hr heroes

There Are No HR Heroes

If there’s an overused marketing trope in my industry, it’s the notion of HR heroes. Have you noticed the campaigns and advertisements? Companies celebrate human resources professionals who swoop in and save the day when you need something at work. Here’s the thing about HR heroes: They’re not heroes. HR professionals don’t leap tall buildings…


My Employee Smells Like Weed

I can see why people still need HR. On a regular basis, I have people writing and asking about drugs. Mostly marijuana. Questions like, “My employee smells like weed. What can I do?” Part of me sympathizes with business owners and managers. It hardly seems fair that you have to show up to work sober…