Self-Leadership is Self-Awareness

If there’s one thing that HR leaders could teach in 2020 to improve the work environment, it’s self-leadership. Call me old-fashioned, but there’s no leadership without self-leadership. To lead others, you must lead yourself.  You can’t be a boss, a founder, an entrepreneur, or even a useful adult without taking care of yourself first, prioritizing…


Instagram Strategies for 2020

Last night, I went to see a comedian perform a live podcast at a local theater. I know that sentence won’t make sense to future generations who read my blog, but, hey, future generations won’t be reading blogs. They barely read them now. The comedian sold books. I bought one and asked my husband to…


3 Steps For Finding a Mentor

One of my biggest professional regrets in the world of HR was not having a mentor. And I know that I’m not alone in this feeling.  Finding a mentor can be difficult. Add in finding the right mentor who can genuinely help guide you through different stages of your career, and it can be a…