Botticelli girls

Botticelli and Girls

About a week ago, I saw Botticelli Reimagined in London. The exhibition reflected on Botticelli’s perfect vision of girls and womanhood, as represented in The Birth of Venus and La Primavera, and tried to show his influence on art from the 15th century through the modern era. Let’s start with the basics of Botticelli’s Venus. She…


How You Know You Failed

Here’s you how you know you failed. If you stopped trying. If you never tried. If you didn’t learn anything. If you gave up too soon because it was hard. If you quit because you were frustrated. If you valued short-term fun over long-term results. If you expected something worthwhile would be easy. If you…


Social Media Spring Cleaning

It’s springtime. My husband did a ton of yardwork and trimmed back our azalea bushes. I washed kitchen cabinets and removed dust jackets from my hardcover books, but I need to paint one of our guest bedrooms. We have a million other projects to complete around here, but while I have a few minutes, let…


HR Software and The Universal Forces of Failure

If you are using HR software of any kind —  and that includes platforms to process payroll or create weekly schedules at your restaurant — you’re beating the odds. Most technology never makes it beyond a shaky prototype. There are Universal Forces of Failure™ that doom most technology companies. If it becomes a viable product,…

joy at work

Finding Joy at Work

There’s a new movement you need to know about: joy at work. That’s right. The latest trend is to nag you into finding some joy in your job. Not happiness. Not passion. Joy. And if you find joy, at least a little, things are going to be okay. I don’t hate the idea of finding…


How to Write a Self-Help Book or Blog

I’m routinely approached by writers who are interested in starting a self-help blog or writing a self-help book. I have toyed with the idea of writing a career advice book many times, too. I keep abandoning the project based on what I know, which is why I’d like to share my insights on self-help with…

radical candor

Radical Candor in HR

One of the biggest trends in HR right now is radical candor. Have you heard this phrase? According to Kim Scott, radical candor is the moral obligation of managers to care for each team member personally and challenge ’em to grow. Managers must provide feedback that is humble, helpful, immediate, and in person. If you’re…


About WorkHuman

Hi, everybody. I’m back from my crazy trip to Istanbul via London. I had a great time, but I’m exhausted. I went with my friend, Jennifer McClure. We have so many absurd stories that I’ll share next week. But right now I wanted to tell you that Jennifer is reading Thrive by Arianna Huffington. Have…