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Sexual Harassment and HR

Hold the phone. You know it’s the 90s when we’re discussing politics and sexual harassment. I received a barrage of email from disaffected readers who are aggrieved by yesterday’s article on human resources, sexual harassment, and Fox News. Aggrieved! The emails fall into one of two categories. My advice was horrible. Chicks lie. Let’s take…

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Lifetime Fitness

Marathon Monday: Lifetime Fitness

It’s hot in America. Too damn hot. Wildfires are flaring up, asphalt is buckling, and I’m over here trying to figure out ways to beat the heat and train for my GDMF-ing marathon. Not gonna happen. Since I pay a monthly fee to Lifetime Fitness, which should be considered a charitable donation, I decided to…

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Millennials Don’t Use LinkedIn

They say that millennials don’t use LinkedIn. Who says that? Everybody competing against LinkedIn, that’s who. But I think it’s probably true. Millennials don’t use LinkedIn because they just don’t have time in their lives to look at failed professional dreams, sad profile photos, and mediocre work histories. I don’t have time for that, either.…

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