ruettimann commencement

Inspiring the Next Generation of Adults

Last month, I delivered a speech to the 2016 graduating class at Regent’s University London. They have eight colleges under the larger university, and I spoke to the American College (which I attended) and the school of fashion and design. The ceremony was at St. Marylebone Parish Church where Elizabeth Barrett Browning and Robert Browning…

growth innovation

Process Can Kill Growth and Innovation

A friend of mine recommended a book called Traction. Have you heard of it? He thought that my consulting company and my software company could benefit from implementing The EOS Model™. What is the EOS Model™? Well, it’s a framework to help founders and CEOs understand everything from people to internal processes. Very simply, it’s…


Marathon Monday: City of Oaks

Hey, guys. I’ve had to pivot my race schedule due to my lack of fitness and the heat. I’m now running the City of Oaks marathon for the second time (instead of the Chicago Marathon). What does this mean? I get four extra weeks of training. I can do my longest training run in October…


Thoughts on Leading a Lonely Life

I just finished The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone. The book chronicles the author’s experience with loneliness but also weaves in stories of art, AIDS, masculinity, feminism, sexual deviance, and the emergence of technology as a mechanism to overcome social isolation. Yeah, totally uplifting. But it was so superbly written that…


Show Up Prepared for Your Meetings

Being a small business owner is something else. I’m having a weird week, culminating in a meeting that never should have happened. Here’s the story. A company reached out to me because it thought I could offer some help with an organic marketing plan, which means free advice. I’m in a weird spot. As a…


Together but Separate

I’m traveling a lot for work, over the next few months, and I’m sorta worried about my cat. Jake is 16 years old. He’s nearly deaf. Has a whole host of problems. We’re coming at him twice a day with medicine. And there’s nothing more that he wants to do than crawl up inside of…


Sexual Harassment and HR

Hold the phone. You know it’s the 90s when we’re discussing politics and sexual harassment. I received a barrage of email from disaffected readers who are aggrieved by yesterday’s article on human resources, sexual harassment, and Fox News. Aggrieved! The emails fall into one of two categories. My advice was horrible. Chicks lie. Let’s take…

fox news

HR Failed the Women of Fox News

I’m not surprised by anything, anymore, but I am shocked by the number of women who have been allegedly harassed by Roger Ailes and other members of the Fox News executive team. Dozens have come forward. In HR, we have a rule of thumb when it comes to sexual harassment complaints: for every one victim,…

Lifetime Fitness

Marathon Monday: Lifetime Fitness

It’s hot in America. Too damn hot. Wildfires are flaring up, asphalt is buckling, and I’m over here trying to figure out ways to beat the heat and train for my GDMF-ing marathon. Not gonna happen. Since I pay a monthly fee to Lifetime Fitness, which should be considered a charitable donation, I decided to…